Elea Skin Care Sun Protection Face Cream 40 ML

QAR 120

Results:  Soft, moisturized and protected skin
Purposes: Moisturizing UV Protection
Active ingredients: UV filters, Bisabolol, Vitamin E
Characteristics: Very high protection UVA/UVB, Moisturizes, Suitable for everyday use for all skin types
Cosmetic type: Day Cream
Brand: Elea
Pack contains: Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50+ “Elea” 40 ml

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Elea Skin Care

Moisturizing day cream with very high UVA/UVB skin protection from the sun. Light texture which is instantly absorbed and is a reliable source of hydration to the skin. Provides triple protection against the harmful impact of ultraviolet rays:
– Protects from formation of pigment spots due to a new generation of broad spectrum UV filters
– Contains Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals
– Has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect due to its active ingredient Bisabolol


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Before exposure to sunlight by 20 min.

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