Elea Professional – After Sun Body Cream 150ml

Sun Care Body Cream After Sun Body Cream

Due to the high content of active ingredients, professional after-sun cream Elea Professional Sun Care Cream has a pronounced soothing, softening and regenerating effect after sunbathing. It stimulates a more rapid manifestation and fixation of the bronze tone of the skin, activates the processes of regeneration and cellular renewal, deeply nourishes the epidermis, eliminates the unpleasant sensations of excessive dryness and tightness.


Sesame oil is famous for its powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, combats skin peeling, helps to smooth wrinkles

Urea provides deep hydration and maintains an optimal level of moisture in epithelial cells. Menthol gives a pleasant sensation of coolness, well refreshes the skin and removes the burning sensation after ignition. Allantoin regenerates damaged areas of the epithelial web, softens well and helps to heal scratches and minor wounds more quickly.


How to use: Apply evenly over the body after tanning.


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