Elea Intimate Wash-Gel Moisturizing 250 ML

QAR 150

Fresh Alovera Latic Acid
Results: Cleanses and creates a feeling of freshness and comfort
Purposes: Washing
Active ingredients:  Aloe Vera extract, Lactic Аcid
Characteristics: Delicately cleanses the intimate area, Preserves the normal pH of the skin, Provides softness and hydration
Cosmetic type:  Wash-Gel
Brand: Elea

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Intimate wash-gel with 84% NATURAL washing ingredients
ELEA Intimate MOISTURIZING gel has a natural and soft washing action, designed to provide softness and hydration to the intimate area. The formula contains Lactic Acid for effective enhancement of mechanisms for biological protection (the maintenance of natural pH) and Aloe Vera extract, which activates skin hydration. Intended for everyday use.


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Apply on wet skin rub gently until foam and rinse.

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