ELEA Energetic Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss System 300ML

QAR 99

Results:  Thicker and stronger, softer and more vital hair
Active ingredients:  Caffeine Extract of Burdock, Nasturtium and Rosemary Conditioning agent
Characteristics:  Stimulates hair roots, Promotes hair growth, Reduces hair thinning.
Cosmetic type:  Shampoo
Brand:  Elea
Pack contains:  Energetic Shampoo Stimulating Hair Growth Elea 300 ml

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Balanced therapy for hair and scalp, suitable for women as well as men. An innovative formula for hair growth stimulation that combines the power of the Phyto complex of Burdock, Nasturtium, and Rosemary with the unique effect of Caffeine. The combination of herbal extracts with proven hair loss reducing action restores the hydro-lipid contents of the skin and revives the processes in the hair follicles.

Caffeine instantly increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the processes of exchange. It delivers additional substances and energy necessary for hair growth.

The special conditioning agent reduces static electricity, provides easy combing, and enhances the great appearance of hair.

When regularly used the shampoo has a toning effect, thickens and strengthens hair, makes it soft and vital, reduces hair loss


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Use regularly, leave for 3 minute & Wash.

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