ELEA Energetic Lotion Anti-Hair-Loss-System 240 ML

QAR 90

The hair becomes thicker and stronger, hair loss is reduced and the hair mass increases

Active ingredients:

Stimulates hair roots
Promotes hair growth
Reduces hair thinning

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stimulates hair roots and reduces the natural process of hair thinning. The combination of active ingredients is like a real “accelerator” of the hair growing phase by favoring the development of the hair bulb cells.  The lotion delivers the needed energizing elements and stimulates the key factors supporting the hair growth phase and the scalp microcirculation.  It provides long-term protection against premature aging and stress, caused by the environment.

Biotin is vital for the health of hair. It strengthens the keratin proteins, improves metabolism of the hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, extends and thickens the hair cuticle.

Guarana is one of the richest in caffeine plants. The extract of Guarana accelerates cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation, tones, and energizes the scalp.

Creatinе enhances energy storage. The unique combination of extracts of Burdock, Nasturtium, and Rosemary restores the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp.

The light texture of the Lotion allows optimum penetration into hair without making it greasy. When used regularly, the Lotion has toning effect, promotes hair growth, and makes it stronger, more vital, and shinier.


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Two times daily without washing

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