Elea Dermalight Depigmenting Daily Cream SPF10 40gm

Significantly reduces dark spots, brightens and evens skin tone, as it protects and prevents the recurring appearance of spots



A light cream for pigmented skin, suitable for everyday use in all seasons.

It removes the unnecessary pigment from the skin surface.

Blocks the melanin synthesis and thus protects the skin from the appearance of new pigment spots. Provides an anti-bacterial effect.

Moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin.

It is quickly absorbed, which makes it perfect for make up basis.

Contains UVA-UVB filters, which protect skin from harmful sun rays.

How to use:

Put amount of lotion on areas you want to depigmented once day.



Alpha-Arbutin, Lemon extract, UVA-UVB filters, Glycerine.



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