Type: Oily

Size: 40 gm

Type: Cleansers

Texture: Oil


Specially formulated for oily skin, prone to blemishes, comedones, dilated pores, redness and inflammatory skin conditions. Regulates skin functions, conceals imperfections in a most natural way and makes skin look clean and healthy. Sepicontrol A5 effectively restores oily and problem skin balance, acting directly on the major factors that cause inflammations, controls oily skin, unclogs pores and prevents pimples. Givobio GZn provides antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties and regulates sebaceous secretions. The exotic citrus fruit extract blend, enriched with Bisabolol, soothes and softens skin. After 8-week use the skin becomes 78% cleaner, less oily and without imperfection


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