Air Neck Traction Device

QAR 120

Easy to use with immediate relief from neck and shoulder pain!

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  • Air Neck Traction is intended for the patient who is independent, capable of using good judgment, and who needs “fast” results when their symptoms exacerbate.
  • It is highly portable, easily used and often very effective in reduction of muscle tension related neck discomfort and cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve) from degenerative arthritis (spondylosis / facet joint arthrosis) or herniated disc.


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Simply place the Air Neck Traction device around your neck and adjust to comfort with the fastening straps. Inflate with air using the hand pump to gradually raise the level to a comfortable stretch. When the air neck traction is inflated, it will elongate to support the weight of the head allowing tight neck muscles to relax. Further inflation will stretch the neck and shoulder muscles while taking pressure off the discs, joints, nerves and blood vessels.

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