AVA PURE SERUM Rejuvenating therapy

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Product aim

home treatments, serum


Cosmetic’s type



Cosmetic effect

lifting, moisturizing, rejuvenating, revitalizing


Capacity2 x 10 ml / 2 x 0.35 fl. oz.

Designed for mature and sensitive skin.



Set of two concentrated treatments for day and night use.


Volunteers confirmed effectiveness of Pure Serum in in vivo tests:

95 % better skin nourishment

95% increased elasticity and firmness

95% restored delicacy and softness

80% instant smoothing effect

90% visible reduction of wrinkles

90% increased moisture level


Day serum:


A highly effective treatment that intensely smooths and nourishes the skin.


Contains Pearl extract, rich in minerals and amino acids, actively supporting skin regeneration process. Enhances the effect of hydrolyzed marine collagen, containing 18 amino acids that rejuvenate the skin.It prevents the skin from slackening, restores proper density, slows down skin aging process. Leaves it visibly younger-looking.


Night serum:


A unique combination of Argan stem cells and Particles of gold regenerates and renews skin cells even in its deepest layers. Argan PhytoCellTech™ protects, strengthens and activates the existing stem cells in the skin, shallows wrinkles, tightens skin, improves its firmness and density. Gold particles with their exceptional regenerative properties, slow down skin-aging processes by rebuilding collagen structure. After application, wrinkles are smoothed, skin revitalized and nourished.


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