Cosmetic in Qatar

Cosmetics in Qatar: What and where to buy?

Cosmetics isn’t always about makeup. It is used by both men and women. Shampoos, hair gels, and even talcum powders are considered cosmetics. It is as if we cannot leave without cosmetics. Is cosmetics safe to buy in Qatar? Where to buy them?

What are cosmetics? 

Cosmetics are products used to cleanse the body, make it look more appealing, or change its appearance or shade. They include hair colors, makeups, perfumes, hair care, and skincare products. Cosmetics that treat conditions like dandruff, hair fall, sensitive tooth, etc., can be classified among drugs. Dandruff cleansers, fluoride toothpaste, antiperspirant, and so on are both drugs and cosmetics. The decent way to buy such a 2-in-1 product is to check for its active ingredient, which might be a chemical or catalyst that may make a significant change in your condition.

However, cosmetics are not devoid of side-effects. Many of them can lead to irritated skin, itching, redness and rashes, and many other allergic reactions. So choosing a cosmetic product is all about choosing one that best matches your skin type and sensitivity.

Cosmetics are made in laboratories after a series of tests and trials. One of the renowned cosmetic laboratories that supply a large number of products is Pharma cosmetics. Cosmetic brands like HL, Neova, Tricomin, etc., are the leading brands under Pharma cosmetics.

Cosmetics in Qatar

According to recent research, Qatar’s cosmetic market is predicted to grow at an exponential rate during 2020-2025. The is majorly due to the beauty consciousness among the working class of the country. Nowadays, natural and organic cosmetic products are preferred more in the market. This is because people look for a 2-in-1 advantage of skincare and cosmetics in one single product. Many companies use non-synthetic ingredients for facial makeup and skincare to lower the chances of a tumor, cancer, and other harmful skin diseases.

Major cosmetic brands in Qatar

Soskin is a dermo-cosmetic brand that stands by its tagline ‘save our skin.’ The cosmetic products sold by soskin tend to be skincare products rather than makeup sets. Soskin is a French brand that sells unisex skincare products. They call their skincare products neither cosmetics nor drugs but agents of biostimulation, as they stimulate skin cells using organic products.

Having an ancestry of 35 years, Eveline cosmetics is one of the cosmetic brands that would never disappoint you. It sells more than 300 cosmetic products for the face and body as well as over 530 makeup items too. If you are looking for a makeup kit, you can mix and match various products from Eveline according to your skin. 

3.Eric Favre
Eric Favre is an international brand that supplies cosmetic products as well as food and nutritional supplements. From detox cream to whitening serum, hair oil to hair color, anti-aging cream to face lifting cream, Eric Favre sells a wide array of products.

Yoko products are famous throughout the world for their organic ingredients and natural components. It manufactures products varying from whitening skin soap to whitening creams, eye gel, face mask, shampoo, and skin oil.

Belo is another cosmetic brand famous in Qatar. They produce paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested products ranging from beauty supplements, makeup products, suncare, acne solutions, underarm care, whitening creams, and baby care products. You can personalize and handpick a full makeup kit at a low price from below.

Where to buy cosmetics in Qatar?

Cosmetics and drugs for skincare and beauty are available at hypermarkets, pharmacies, e-commerce sites, websites, supermarkets, convenience stores, and even grocery stores. Major hypermarkets with increasing demand for cosmetics are Carrefour, Al Meera, Lulu Express, Giant Stores, and Sidra. 

However, buying cosmetics and related drugs online is one of the easier and most popular options.

Care n cure pharmacy is one of the top online pharmacies from which you can buy trusted cosmetics. You can even buy cosmetics from different brands and combine them to create your customized makeup kit. Not only makeup products but Care n Cure also sells a lot of other cosmetic products from skincare products to hair care products and medicinal and problem-solving cosmetic-drugs.

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